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8 Foundational Debt Management Strategies

You need to have the right strategies in place to optimize recoveries during a recession.  And you need to manage the potential cost build-up that can hurt the bottom line.

Building a Flexible Operation Model

A flexible operating model will help manage the volatile debt surge that is inevitable in times of economic uncertainty.

Canadian Economic Impact on Consumer Debt

Download this article to get a solid view into the impacts of the current Canadian economic environment on debt recovery.

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Canaccede Financial Group – What We Do

Optimize your capital, boost earnings and reduce volatility with our turn-key and custom debt solutions.

CFG Insolvency Accelerator

Our insolvency purchasing and servicing products are specifically designed to help organizations de-leverage and de-risk during liquidity challenges at times of market upheaval.

CFG Credit Counselling Services

Canaccede can customize the delivery of credit counselling solutions with flexible solutions to meet your requirements.

Key Post-COVID Consumer Debt Impacts

Understanding the potential impacts of  COVID on your Receivables assets and   strategies for operational readiness.

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2022/03/17 - Jefferson Capital, the Parent to Canaccede Financial Group, Amends its Credit Facility to Support its Almost 20-Year Track Record of Growth and Profitability

2021/03/31 - Canaccede Financial Group obtains additional credit facility

2020/07/06 - Canaccede Financial Group takes insolvency recovery into a new era

2020/03/10 - Jefferson Capital Acquires Canaccede Financial Group