Jefferson Capital, the Parent to Canaccede Financial Group, Amends its Credit Facility to Support its Almost 20-Year Track Record of Growth and Profitability

St. Cloud, Minnesota – March, 2022 – Jefferson Capital Holdings LLC (“Jefferson Capital” or the “Company”), a leading purchaser and servicer of consumer charged off and bankruptcy receivables, and owner of Canaccede Financial Group is pleased to announce it has amended its $500 million senior secured revolving credit facility to include a new $150 million Canadian sub-facility to go alongside the $35 million UK sub-facility. The amendment became effective February 28, 2022. Citizens Bank, N.A., as Administrative Agent for the facility, led the process. The ability to fund Canadian assets within the facility was favorably received across the bank group.

The funding structure within the revolving credit facility enables the Company to fund a significant portion of its Canadian assets at rates more favorable than its current Canadian funding options. This new funding source along with the broader revolving credit facility and the previously issued $300 million unsecured bond allow the Company to continue its 20-year track record of growth and profitability. They also allow for continued expansion of purchasing and servicing in new market segments within and outside the U.S.

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About Jefferson Capital

Founded in 2002, Jefferson Capital is a leading purchaser and servicer of consumer charged off and bankruptcy receivables in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It purchases and services both secured and unsecured assets, and its client base includes large and small financial institutions, auto finance companies, telecommunications and utility providers, retail installment lenders, and credit card issuers, among others. Jefferson Capital is headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota with additional operations in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; Basingstoke, England; Glasgow, Scotland; London, Ontario; and Toronto, Ontario.

About Canaccede

About Canaccede Financial Group Canaccede is a leading full-service partner of purchasing and servicing solutions for financial institutions managing distressed and insolvency receivables in Canada. Founded in 2008, Canaccede works directly with institutions to provide efficient access to capital and improving operational expense structure. Canaccede strives to guide and support customers to repay their obligations easily and affordably. For more information, visit

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