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Leverage our deep expertise and industry knowledge to increase your asset value

We focus is on delivering market solutions that maximize customer benefits while minimizing operating expenses


Why Canadian businesses choose Canaccede


Why Canadian businesses choose Canaccede

We have extensive experience in the insolvency, credit counselling, debt purchasing and legal processing and management. Our cloud-based platform optimizes our ability to work efficiently with our partners.

Operation leaders
  • Monitoring– Provides live daily queuing of accounts, ensuring that you have total transparency into consumer trends.
  • Reporting– Built on a flexible data structure, the system allows for live operational and management dashboards to ensure you know what is going on with your portfolio.
Risk managers
Technology managers

The Canaccede difference


The Canaccede difference

The diference

The Canaccede Difference - we are a trusted partner.  Our goal is to build long-term partnerships that strengthen your bottom line and protects your brand and customers. And we have three distinct advantages which help delivery against that goal: 

  1. Our Products and Services
  2. Our Proprietary Technology
  3. Our People
Our products & services
Our proprietary technology
Our people

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