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Customized receivables management solutions across the customer lifecycle

We can help you increase the value of your receivables assets

CFG Accelerator Suite logo
CFG Accelerator Suite logo

CFG Accelerator Suite offers fully integrated debt servicing and purchasing on custom non-performing debt, insolvency, credit counselling and legal recovery solutions

Our purchasing and servicing products are specifically designed to help organizations de-leverage and de-risk liquidity challenges at times of market upheaval.

CFG possesses vast experience and expertise in both valuing and operating alternative assets. This combined capability allows us to blend the economics of opportunities and price assets as a strategic acquirer as opposed to solely transactional investment buyer.

CFG managed services logo
CFG managed services logo

CFG Managed Services servicing solutions for operational risk management

We provide industry-leading servicing solutions for insolvency, credit counseling, non-performing, and legal consumer debt in Canada. We work with our partners to share insights and best practices to ensure that we uphold their brand reputation.

Our core servicing offer includes insolvency services, voting on proposals, sending proof of claims, communicating with trustees, and processing payments.