One of the largest consumer finance investment firms in Canada

Canaccede has been a leader in the receivables management and insolvency industries in Canada for over 10 years

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Headquarters in Toronto
and London, Ontario



Founded over a decade ago

Assets Owned

$4.1 + Billion in owned assets


200 + years of management experience


50 + employees and growing

Key milestone transactions

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  • $1.4bn+ bulk from a Canadian Bank
  • $373mm+ forward flow from a Non-Prime Card Issuer
  • $128mm+ forward flow and bulk from a Canadian Bank Insolvency
  • $1.3bn+ forward flow from a Non-Prime Card Issuer
  • $1.1bn+ from a Canadian Bank
  • $900mm+ forward flow from a Canadian Bank

Our international partner

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Jefferson Capital

Founded in 2002, Jefferson Capital is one of the nation’s leading purchasers and servicers of consumer charged off and bankruptcy receivables in the United States. Jefferson Capital’s growing client base includes Fortune 500 creditors, banks, telecommunications providers, credit card issuers, auto finance companies, and utilities providers. Jefferson Capital is headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota with additional operations in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Denver, Colorado, and Basingstoke, United Kingdom. For more information, visit