InsolvencySTREAM by Canaccede. A modern insolvency receivables administration platform.

What is InsolvencySTREAM? It is an advanced SaaS based insolvency management platform. Built using modern infrastructure, customizable to specific client preferences.

Technology is deployed directly into creditor operational sites, and provides an interface for users to:

  • Receive notices of insolvency
  • Input proper account characteristics
  • Monitor and report on financial activity and trends
  • Receive alerts based on custom requirements

Designed to be flexible and enable creditors to pick the solution they want. Whether sole servicing or having Canaccede process and monetize accounts, there is a tailored solution for every need.

Why Choose InsolvencySTREAM?

  • A full solution from a leader in the field with extensive experience in insolvency processing and management industry, across numerous asset classes
  • A cloud-based platform which optimizes the exchange of data and documents between trustees and creditors
  • A servicing platform that reduces cost, enhances compliance and reduces operational risk
  • A purchase solution that eliminates costs, risk and adds value
  • A user-friendly interface that allows creditors to easily view and send documents, track payments and customize reports
  • A fully wrapped, future proof solution that adapts to your existing protocols and integrates across multiple platforms, generating synergistic benefits for you

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