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The right debt strategies will optimize recoveries and manage cost build-ups

CFG Accelerator 300 x 93
CFG Accelerator 300 x 93

CFG Accelerator Suite offers fully integrated debt servicing and purchasing on custom non-performing debt, insolvency, credit counselling and legal recovery solutions.

CFG Managed Services - 300 x 93
CFG Managed Services - 300 x 93

We provide industry-leading servicing solutions for insolvency, credit counselling, non-performing and legal consumer debt in Canada. We work with our partners to share insights and best practices to ensure that we uphold their brand reputation.

CFG Stream 300 x 114
CFG Stream 300 x 114

The CFG Stream platform maximizes the value yielded from your receivables accounts and minimizes the operational costs.

Canaccede Financial Group

Canaccede is the largest multi-asset acquirer in Canada.

Canaccede Financial Group

Industry-leading lenders have been working with us in the acquisition and servicing of performing, insolvent and distressed receivables since 2008. Our team of debt management specialists can work with you to boost your bottom line with customized solutions to maximize the value of your receivables.