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Have we contacted you?

If you’ve been contacted directly by Canaccede, it means we have purchased your account from a financial institution, and the debt that was owing to them is now owing to Canaccede. Financial institutions sell accounts to Canaccede for several possible reasons: the account may be behind in payments; it may be part of a bankruptcy; or the financial institution

may have decided to sell a portion of itsongoing business. The important thing to understand is that Canaccede is committed to working with you in a fair and respectful way. We'll develop a repayment plan that is practical, reasonable and will help you place your financial future on a more solid footing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canaccede Financial Group is a Canadian based company, with its head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Related businesses include: Canaccede International Acquisitions Ltd., Canaccede International Management Ltd., Canaccede International Investments Ltd.

Canaccede purchases performing and non-performing and insolvent consumer receivables from financial institutions. We work with our customers to determine a suitable and often a more flexible payback schedule.

Financial Institutions will sell an account for a several reasons: the account may be behind in payments, it may be part of a personal bankruptcy or the institution may decide to sell a portion of their ongoing business. In all cases Canaccede has purchased your account from the original financial institutions and you are now a Canaccede customer.

Canaccede has purchased your account and is now the legal owner of the debt. If you pay the original creditor, your funds may be delayed in being applied against your account.

Canaccede works with a number regional companies and a specialist from one of these companies might contact you.

Canaccede is committed to your privacy and adheres to all Canadian privacy legislation including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

We pride ourselves on complete transparency here and an account representative will gladly review the information we have.
For additional clarification, please email with the details so we can assess the situation further. Our goal is to work with you to clear this situation and your debt up as efficiently as possible.

The account representative that’s been in contact with you will be happy to help or you can get in touch with the name listed on the notice you received. Either of these professionals can get you started and work with you to implement a strategy that works within your budget.