• From acquisition to collections, we are experts in portfolio management

    We specialise in the purchase of consumer receivables from financial institutions, targeting the acquisition of non-performing, insolvent and performing debt portfolios. In less than 8 years, Canaccede has invested over $100 million to acquire receivables, and is one of the largest consumer finance investment firms in the Canadian marketplace.

    To us, management of portfolios is as important as acquiring them. Canaccede brings to the task not only a wealth of experience but a customer-driven philosophy responsive to our client's individual needs and circumstances.

Pillars of Success


In less than 8 years, we’ve invested over $100 million to acquire receivables


We’ve organically grown our client base through direct channel acquisition by more than 400% in the last year


We’ve helped over 45,000 Canadians manage thier debts with suitable and flexible payback options

Our Advantage

It was Canaccede’s understanding of the consumer marketplace that led to the creation of Affirm Financial Services, Canaccede’s consumer-facing subsidiary. Affirm Financial offers a credit card product and is marketing aggressively to acquire new clients directly. The company saw its client base increase by more than 400% in the last year.

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