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Our Team

  • We are leaders in the market with top talent and experience

    Our management team has an impressive breadth and depth of experience across numerous sectors including: finance, marketing, risk, portfolio management and operations. Passionate and committed to growing a customer centric culture; the leadership team plays an active role in driving the business and delivering on the brand promise.

    At the same time, they are at the leading edge of how the market will be re-shaped: new products and services, leveraging data and technology, opening up new market segments to drive higher revenues and profits.

Our Team

Each and every member of our team represents the spirit of our brand. We’re an innovative, committed, and passionate group with a strong inclusive culture. We believe every employee plays an essential role in delivering on our brand promise and we pride ourselves on hiring top talent.

Andy Szemenyei

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Coffin


Amit Kapur

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Hillier

Chief Risk Officer

Mark Daprato

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Sekhon

Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Szemenyei

Vice President, Corporate Development

Suzanne Larouche

General Counsel & Compliance Officer

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